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#1 - Sept. 1947		WE TAKE A BOW
				Earliest Known Description - Holland Purchase
				Proposed Restoration of Middlebury Academy
				1830 Post Offices & Postmasters
				Anniversary of Big Tree Treaty
				An Early Description of the Falls of Genesee
				Charleboixs Description of the Genesee River 1721

#2 - Nov. 1947		EPITAPHS
				Mrs. Thomas Preston, Widow of Grover Cleveland
				History of the First Baptist Church of Hermitage
				Notice of Military Ball - 1838
				Sources of Wyoming County Place Names
				Heads of Families - 1810 Town of Warsaw Federal Census

				Inscriptions from the Old Lamont Cemetery	
				The Sponsor Keeps A Diary
#4 - Mar. 1948		NOTICE - Millery Goods Miss M.A. Parker
				A Brief of Mining Activities in Wyoming County
				Oldest Buildings
				The Girl Who Ran for President 
				As Susan B. Anthony Saw Us
				Members of the Assembly
				History of Early Pike
				Heads of Families - 1810 Town of Sheldon Federal Census
				Wethersfield Cemetery Inscriptions - Smith's Corners

				Land Policies in Wyoming County
				Our Architectural Heritages
				Century Farms
				Progress Made on Restoration of Academy
				Old Bibles in Castile
				Revolutionary Soldiers Buried In Wyoming County
				The Thomas Dole House in Pike
				Wethersfield Cemetery Inscriptions continued

#6 - July 1948		STORY OF A NOBLE LIFE - Rev. Calvin Fairbanks
				The First Inhabitants in Wyoming County
				Sesquicentennial of Ellicott Survey
				Hiokatoo's Grave
				Making of Pot and Pearl Ash
				Sheriff's of Genesee & Wyoming Counties
				Gainesville Ochre Bed
				County Clerks of Genesee & Wyoming Counties
				Indian Medicinal Plants & Herbs
				Wethersfield Cemetery Inscriptions continued
				Universalist Church in Wyoming County
				A Gazetteer of the State of New York

Table of Contents Vol. 2 #1 - Sept 1948 FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO HAVE VISITED WYOMING CO. Old Pioneer Cemeteries The Smith Farm at Java Village Seventy-Five Years of Methodism at Silver Lake Universalism in Warsaw #2 - Nov. 1948 YESTERYEARS AT SILVER LAKE A Notable Career in Aviation - Fredric Flader Historic Sites Survey The Old Stone Mill at Lamont Folklore From Middlebury Reputed Date of First Settlements of Wyo. Co. Gazetteer of New York continued Wethersfield Cemetery Inscriptions continued #3 - Jan. 1949 THE PATRIOT WAR Covered Bridge - Ellis-Chesbro Bridge Humphrey's Hollow Cemetery - Town of Sheldon Great Pike Fire of 1909 An Investment in Humanity - VFW Camp/Nesbitt Family Echoes From Silver Lake Folklore From Middlebury continued Warsaw Remembers Whittier Letchworth Park Museum Historic Sites Survey continued Martin Gleason's Mule - Ballard of Arcade #4 - Mar. 1949 VANISHED ST. HELENA Old Gainesville Seminary 1854 The Lost Nation The Silver Homestead - Perry The Melvin Homestead - Attica Center A Pioneer Family in Wethersfield - Daniel Wolcott Attica Centre Cemetery - Town of Attica #5 - May 1949 PERRY CENTER CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH In the Service of Mankind - 125th Ann. Perry Ctr. Society Castile Sanitarium Observes Centennial Mary Jemison's Buffalo Home Taberlea Farm - Mignin/Taber Family St. Helena Again Beach Cemetery, Town of Eagle Doty Hill/Hodges Cemetery, Town of Pike #6 - July 1949 HIRAM B. EVEREST & THE PETROLEUM INDUSTRY Attica Historical Society Museum The County Soldier's Monument First Masonic Lodge in Wyo Co., Town of Sheldon Pioneer Thresher Civil War Roll of Deaths West Middlebury Cemetery Inscriptions
Table of Contents Vol. 3 #1 - Sept. 1949 EARLY DAYS OF COVINGTON Old Indian Apple Orchard & 1st Pioneer Apple Trees Pioneers Meet - Wyo. Co. Pioneer Association Historic Sites Survey continued 1820 election in Warsaw Attica Indian Trails Local Poet Publishes - Ethel A.M. Tozier West Middlebury Cemetery Inscriptions continued #2 - Nov. 1949 PORTAGEVILLE CATHOLICS OBSERVE CENTENNIAL What's In A Name Sheldon's St. Cecelia's Celebrates 1st Century Soldiers of the Revolution Heads of Households - 1820 Town of Attica Fed. Census Early Castile - Recollections by Norman Hurd Warsaw's Pioneer Orchard Memorial Trees North Gainesville Cemetery Inscriptions #3 - Jan. 1950 EARLY SCHOOLS OF WARSAW An Old Landmark - First Presbyterian Ch. Orangeville Ctr. The Great Gift - poetry Radio Relay Tower Vernal Cemetery Inscriptions, Town of Attica #4 - Mar. 1950 GIANT SENTINALS OF THE FORESTS Early School of Warsaw continued Covington United Presbyterian Church St. Helena in the 1850's St. Helena Burying Grounds Inscriptions, Town of Castile Folsomdale Cemetery Inscriptions, Town of Bennington #5 - May 1950 EARLY RECOLLECTIONS OF THE TOWN OF SHELDON Centennial of Methodism in Arcade Early Yates Settlement & an Indian Stage Robbery West of Silver Lake in Pioneer Days Punkshire Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Java #6 - July 1950 INNS and INNKEEPERS of ATTICA A Pioneer Library - Town of Sheldon The Mail Comes to Warsaw Orangeville Center Cemetery Inscriptions, Town of Orangeville
Table of Contents Vol. 4 #1 - Sept. 1950 THE EPIC OF JAMES LEWIS BLODGET West Perry Cemetery Inscriptions, Town of Perry #2 - Nov. 1950 ANECDOTES & STORIES OF WYOMING COUNTY Thoughts in Verse - poetry Early Days in Castile The Last of the Tuscarora Indians in Wyo. Co. John Garnsey - Pioneer Settler Bush Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Gainesville #3 - Jan. 1951 DAVID STARR JORDAN What Made a Great Man Great? David Star Jordan Memoirs of Mrs. Nellie M. Philips Kenerson Wrights Corners Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Middlebury #4 - Mar. 1951 HISTORY of the GAINESVILLE METHODIST CHURCH Old Time Fishing Early Settlement of the Northwest Town of Eagle Deacon Butler's Court Martial James Everett Seaver We Are Sixteen The Old Plush Album - poetry Many Years in One Family - Frederick Greene family Maxon/ Lindsey Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn. of Attica #5 - May 1951 THE WILLIAM VARY HOUSE - The Pioneer of Varysburg Lines from Local Poets Warsaw School Celebration Early Castile Epitaphs Statement of Charles D. Burlingham History & Adventures of Sardius Smith Strykersville Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Sheldon #6 - July 1951 A NOTABLE LANDMARK - Seth M. Gates House The Old Home Paper - poetry Labor Troubles 1851 Mountain Ash Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Covington
Table of Contents Vol. 5 #1 - Sept. 1951 THE SAGA OF THE VAN SLYKES A Pioneer on the Holland Purchase - John Tolles Town Line Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Warsaw #2 - Nov. 1951 THE JOHNSONBURG STORY - Town of Sheldon Mt. Vernon Lodge Observes Centennial - Java Village A Pioneer on the Holland Purchase continued #3 -Jan. 1952 HAIL TO WYOMING COUNTY 1802-1952 The Johnsonburg Story continued A Pioneer on the Holland Purchase continued Covington Ctr. Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Covington #4 - Mar. 1952 IN FREEDOM"S CAUSE - Daniel Frderick Bakeman The Early Foundries of Wyoming County Great Men in the Eyes of A Boy - Gideon Watrous Town Line Cemetery Supplement Reservation Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Castile #5 - May 1952 AN ORANGEVILLE LANDMARK - 1st Calvinistic Baptist Soc. The Barbers of Java Warsaw, Queen of Wyoming Valley Belles-Letters from Middlebury 1844-1845 Portageville Pioneer Cem. Inscriptions, Tn. of Genesee Falls Carlton Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn of Middlebury #6 - July 1952 WYOMING HISTORICAL PIONEER ASSOC. 1872-1952 Warsaw Episcopal Centennial North Java Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Java
Table of Contents Vol. 6 #1 - Oct. 1952 MIDDLEBURY"S 150 YEARS Folklore from Rock Glen Perry Graduates 75th Class 78th Meeting of the Pioneers Brainard Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Attica #2 - Jan. 1953 COVINGTON OBSERVES ANNIVERSARY A Rattlesnake Story St. Helena Cemetery Moved The Little Old Band - poetry Dale Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn. of Middlebury #3 - April 1953 STOWELL-WILES ART Gallery Reflections in an 1850 Mirror A Pioneer Business Woman - Emma A. Hawley Seeley Gainesville Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn of Gainesville #4 - July 1953 WARSAW'S PIONEER DAYS & WAYS John G. Meacham, MD - Local Pioneer in Use of Chloroform Hatch Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn of Warsaw
Table of Contents Vol. 7 #1 - Oct. 1953 ATTICA,NEW YORK Judge Alden S. Stevens The Captain Has A Housewarming - Capt. Wm. Tanner Attica's Old Town Clock Attica Museum Dedicated Stock of Goods 1822 - Gaius B. Rich Eastman Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn. of Attica #2 - Jan. 1954 COVINGTON U.P. CHURCH 1828-1953 Centennial of Warsaw Church - Immanuel Ch. Evangelical United Brethren Community Hospital Opened Unto the 12th Generation - Bradt-Mabie Families East Bennington German Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Bennington #3 - April 1954 CURRIERS THROUGH THE YEARS A Wolf Hunt Linus Day - Pioneer Hatmaker Queer Travelers of the Highways Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Sheldon Yates Settlement Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Gainesville Schaub Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Attica Dole Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Pike #4 - July 1954 AMONG SHELDON PIONEERS A Song is Born Ten Commandments, Perry Union School 1850 The Clark Family of Covington, Perry, LaGrange Humphrey Hollow Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Sheldon
Table of Contents Vol. 8 #1 - Oct. 1954 A MINSTREL TOURS THE WORLD - William A. Porter First Methodist Church of Warsaw 1808-1954 The Olean Trail Pearl Creek Cemetery Inscriptions, Tn of Covington #2 - Jan. 1955 ST. PATRICK'S PARISH, JAVA CENTER 1828-1954 Erin's Sons in Java An Audubon Gift to Amherst Davis Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn. of Genesee Falls #3 - Apr. 1955 A CASTILE LANDMARK - The VanArsdale House Quakertown, Past & Present - Tn. of Orangeville Hurlburt's Cornet Band Regimental Pay Roll War of 1812 Silver Springs Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Gainesville Shepard Road Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Wethersfield #4 - July 1955 THE WARSAW SANITARIUM Wyo. Co. Hospital Women's Auxiliary A Century Old Farm - Calkins Farm The Legend of the Serpent 1855-1955 Shepard Road Cemetery Supplement Tales from North Java Maxon Farm Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Bennington South Attica Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn. of Attica
Table of Contents Vol. 9 #1 - Oct 1955 GLIMPSES OF GAINESVILLE 1805-1955 Postmasters at Gainesville Silver Springs Postmasters The Hanging of the Thayers Further Tales from North Java Bats in the News Sharp District Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn. of Warsaw Clark Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn. of Castile #2 - Jan 1956 A REVOLUTIONARY HERITAGE Madame Broughton - Warsaw Educator Memories of the Telephone A.P. Sherrill & His Country Emporium - Pike The Hawley Pea-Pickers Excursions Weather in 1816 Blakely Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Java Lot Two Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Gainesville #3 - April 1956 EARLY DAYS IN PIKE Campbell's Revolving Hay Rake Baptist Organization in Pike Presbyterian Church in Pike The 1st & 2nd Methodist Episcopal Church in Pike Common & Private Schools of Pike Eagle 1st Methodist Episcopal Church Military Affairs in Pike #4 - July 1956 COVERED BRIDGE DAYS - Town of Bennington Boyd -Parker Story A Revolutionary Heritage Part II A Turnip Makes History Memories of Pearl Creek St. Clement's Episcopal Cemetery Inscriptions Wethersfield Springs, Tn. of Wethersfield
Table of Contents Vol. 10 #1 - Oct 1956 SESQUICENTENNIAL OF ATTICA BAPTIST CHURCH Annals of the Warsaw Fire Department Centre Bridge of Bennington Pike Sesquicentennial A Revolutionary Heritage Part III Portageville Old Catholic Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Genesee Falls #2 - Jan 1957 CASTILE LANDMARK SOLD - Sanitarium David Marks - Frontier Evangelist A Revolutionary Heritage Part IV Ancient Indian Remedies Early Days at the County Farm Hermitage Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Wethersfield Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Warsaw #3 - April 1957 PIONEER PICNICS in the GAY NINETIES A Revolutionary Heritage Part V Other Tales from North Java A Pioneer School Teacher on Three Frontiers - Roccena Vail Norris Hatch Cemetery Additions Warsaw Village Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions continued #4 - July 1957 CHINA THAT BECAME ARCADE 1807-1957
Table of Contents Vol. 11 #1 - Oct. 1957 STAGE COACH DAYS AT WARSAW Varysburg and the Mary Jemison Story Time Capsule Buried at Arcade A Revolutionary Heritage Part VI Pike English & Classical School Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery Supplement Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions continued #2 - Jan. 1958 THE IMMORTAL MARY JEMISON Dr. James Everett Seaver 1820 Visit with Mary Jemison The Gardeau Flats in 1890 The Pageant of Mary Jemison H.A. Dudley Remembers the White Woman Mary Jemison - Memoirs of Fred Van Dorn Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery Inscriptions continued #3 - April 1958 CHRONICLES OF CASTILE Reminiscences of Castile Castile Historical Research Center Recollections of Early Days at the Water Cure With Dr. Cordelia Greene Castile Five Corners Area #4 - July 1958 STRYKERSVILLE SKETCES A Jemison Romance Two Revolutionary Veterans - Warriners
Table of Contents Vol. 12 #1 - Oct. 1958 THE LETCHWORTH RIFLES Fort Hill Earthwork Decades at "The Maples" in Pike Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Java A Forty Niner Reports - Oliver Allen Pioneer Flax Wyoming Village Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Middlebury #2 - Jan. 1959 ORSAMUS TURNER, PIONEER HISTORIAN Davidson Homestead, Genesee Falls Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Sheldon Warsaw's Early Singing School & Musical Societies Wyoming Vil. Cem. Inscriptions continued #3 - April 1959 BENNINGTON CHURCHES Bennington Center Baptist Church Sunday School On Sucker Brook Superstitions & Sayings Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Arcade Bennington School District #1 1813-1857 Wyoming Vil. Cem. Inscriptions continued #4 - July 1959 SEMINARY DAYS IN PIKE The Bradley - Warsaw Salt Community Wyoming Vil. Cem. Inscriptions continued
Table of Contents Vol. 13 #1 - Oct. 1959 ATTICA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Warsaw's Relyea Creek & Its Industries Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Bennington Millard Fillmore at Warsaw Origins of Abolitionist Movement #2 - Jan. 1960 EARLIER DAYS OF WETHERSFIELD SPRINGS Myron Holley, Abolitionist Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Eagle Wyoming Vill. Cem Inscriptions continued #3 - April 1960 CENTENARY OF FREE METHODISM 1860-1960 Centennial of the 1st Free Methodist Church of Perry #4 - July 1960 AFTER NINETY YEARS - Immanuel & Evangelical & Reformed Church of Orangeville Other Days at Wethersfield Springs Pastimes in Wethersfield in 1870's Memories of the Letchworth Rifles 24th New York Independent Battery, 3rd Brigade, 5th Division, 18th Corps 5th Regiment New York Vol. Cavalry 1st Ira Harris Guard, Wilson Div., Cavalry Corps Army Potomac 44th Regiment N.Y. Volunteer Infantry Pike Folk Lore
Table of Contents Vol. 14 #1 - Oct. 1960 FIRST WYOMING BAPTIST CHURCH 1810-1960 The Long, Long Trail - Mary Jemison Portageville Tornado Recalled 17th New York Infantry 3rd Brigade Weschester Chasseurs 1st Div., 5th Corp Army Potomac Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Wethersfield #2 - Jan. 1961 BLISS, THEN & NOW Dr. Thomas B. Stowell - Educator Curriers Cemetery Inscriptions continued #3 - April 1961 WARAW BAPTIST SESQUICENTENNIAL A New Birth of Freedom (Civil War) Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Gainseville Curriers Cemetery Inscriptions continued #4 - July 1961 A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM PART II Autobiography of William Moore Captain Francis Murphy of Pike Rochester & State Line Road Curriers Cemetery Inscriptions continued
Table of Contents Vol. 15 #1 - Oct 1961 THIS ONCE WAS EAGLE Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Covington #2 - Jan. 1962 THE BAPTIST OF WEST MIDDLEBURY Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Covington cont. Curriers Cemetery Inscriptions continued A Sheldon Soldier in the Civil War - Sgt. John W. Johnson Early Days on the B.A. & A. Railroad #3 - April 1962 PERRY CENTER IN THE OLDEN TIMES Wing Street - A Cradle For Emancipation Civil War Roll of Honor Town of Covington cont. Town of Covington Military Roll for 1854 105th NYS Vol. Regt. March 27, 1862 130h Regt. NYSV #4 - July 1962 MAPLEWOOD'S GRAND TRADITION A Sheldon Soldier in the Civil War - Part II The Salt Industry of Wyoming County 130th Regt. continued Lyonsburg Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Eagle

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