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September 1947 to July 1968

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Vol. 16

				The Last Charge at Appomattox
				27th Regt. NY Vol. Infantry
				Javan Eagle
				Early Methodist Family
				Lyonsburg Cemetery Inscriptions continued

				The Great Philadelphia  Circus that came to Pike in 1840
				Civil War Years in Middlebury
				A Belated Thank You - Pearl Creek School


#4 - July 1963		THE INDOMITABLE ARCADE & ATTICA (Railroad)
				First Train on Tonawanda Valley 1880
				Civil War Years in Middlebury continued
				American Regional Registry
				Lyonsburg Cemetery Inscription continued

Table of Contents Vol. 17 #1 - Oct 1963 CARLOS LEONARD STEBBINS L.E. Walker, Warsaw's Picture Man A Sketch of James L. Blodget War of 1812 Veterans Awards Dunbar Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Attica Union Corners Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn of Java #2 - Jan. 1964 DR. JOSEPH WARD IS HONORED Gainesville Honor's David Starr Jordan A Sketch of James L. Blodget Part II Memories of L.E. Walker #3 - April 1964 SKETCH OF JAMES BLODGET PART III Warsaw's Memorial Day 1887 East Bennington Evangelical Church Life at Barney's Pond, Wethersfield Army Days in Iowa 1836 Union Corners Cemetery Inscriptions continued #4 - July 1964 CONGREGATIONALISM IN ARCADE Beginning of Java Village Baptist Church Pioneer Presbyterian Missionary at Pike ( Moses Ordway) The Coopers of Java and Perry The Old Buffalo Road A Brief History of the Old Town of Covington Colonel Cheney Strawberry Summit View Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Bennington
Table of Contents Vol. 18 #1 - Oct. 1964 WYOMING ACADEMY MEMORIES Commander Zera Luther Tanner Jr. The Southburg - Williamsburg, Town of Java Colonel Wales Cheney Java Village Cemetery Inscriptions - Tn of Java Summit View Cemetery continued #2 - Jan. 1965 ALWAYS EAT THE BEST APPLE ( Dr. Edward B. Belknap) Wyoming Gun Club And the Smoke of their Burning Rose Up Ever Obed Thorton Merchandising New Lands Pioneer Sugar Making Early Frame Barns Java Village Cemetery continued #3 - April 1965 CHESTER ALAN ARTHUR War of 1812 Memories Thankful Coon's Remedies Sweet Sugar-Time Memories Short History School District #16, French Rd., Town of Bennington Sickly's Corners Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Orangeville Wilcox Cemetery Inscriptions - Town o Orangeville #4 - July 1965 MEMORIES OF NORTH JAVA Maple Lawn Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Bennington
Table of Contents Vol. 19 #1 - Oct. 1965 THE SOUTH WARSAW STORY South Warsaw School Warsaw's Cobblestone Masonic Temple #2 - Jan. 1966 THE LIBRARIES OF WARSAW With the 6th NY Cavalry in the Civil War Oyster Stew A Trip With Dandy Maple Lawn Cemetery continued #3 - April 1966 A DOCTOR OF THE OLD SCHOOL - Wallace J. French MD A Footnote to the Life of Mary Jemison 6th NY Cavalry in Civil War continued A Letter from Prison - Charles F. Miller Maple Lawn Cemetery continued #4 - July 1966 THE SALTVALE SETTLEMENT, TOWN OF MIDDLEBURY Attica Branch of the American Lyceum 1832-1837 A Farmer's Year 1864 Did My Ancestor Miss The Boat (Sprague family) More Memories of James L. Blodget A Merchant's Ledger 1840 (James Gordon) Maple Lawn Cemetery continued
Table of Contents Vol. 20 #1 - Oct. 1966 THE DAYS OF DALE The Genesee River A Student at Middlebury Academy 1835-1836 Heman H. Orton Maple Lawn Cemetery continued #2 - Jan. 1967 THE LEGEND OF WILLIAM MORGAN The Three Musketeers of Pike Billie ( Pearl Creek) The Days of Dale - Some After thoughts The Ancient Genesee River Maple Lawn Cemetery continued #3 - April 1967 SESQUICENTENNIAL OF MIDDLEBURY ACADEMY Warsaw Veterans of the Spanish American War Tales of the Checkerboard Tavern (Eagle) A Memorable Trip Wyoming Co. Marrriages Reported in Livingston Co. Newspapers prior to 1850 Wyoming co. Deaths Reported in Livingston Co. Newspapers prior to 1850 1820 Census - Town of Warsaw 1820 census - Town of China (Arcade) #4 - July 1967 TEMPORAL AFFAIRS OF A PIONEER CHURCH Pike Baptist Church The Newspapers of Wyoming County Wyoming Co. Deaths Reported in Batavia Papers Before 1850 Birds of Wyoming County
Table of Contents Vol. 21 #1 - Oct 1967 WARSAW'S CRYSTAL BROOK Extracts from the Diary of Joshua E. Cutler Further Notes on County Newspapers Wormwood & Goose Grease 1820 Census - Town of Orangeville Wyoming Co Marriages Report in Batavia Newspapers Prior to 1850 1820 Census - Town of Perry 1820 census - Town of Sheldon #2 - Jan 1968 WE HAD A CADILLAC - 1906 Rainbow's End - Letchworth State Park History of Telephone Operation in Warsaw Barn Vent A Texan from Wyoming County Castile Baptist Sesquicentennial Middlebury Academy Sesquicentennial The Fire The Norris Family as Publishers 1820 Census - Town of Middlebury 1820 Census - Town of Bennington 1820 Census - Town of Gainesville 1820 Census - Town of Attica #3 - April 1968 MARTINVILLE Reminiscences of Warsaw Village Warsaw Library 1823 Rev. John Bliss - Soldier of the Revolution Reflections from the American Citizen 1830's Hon. Harvey Putnam Early Phones in Perry 1830 Census - Town of Attica 1830 Census - Town of Sheldon 1830 Census - Town of Gainesville Eagle Village Cemetery Inscriptions - Town of Eagle #4 - July 1968 PERRY UNIVERSALIST SOCIETY & CHURCH 1807-1968 The Silver Image - Photography in Perry Eagle Village Cemetery Inscriptions continued 1820 Census - Town of China 1830 Census - Town of China 1830 census - Town of Orangeville End of Publication under Wyoming County Historian Harry S. Douglass

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