Unknown Photographs
of Genesee and Wyoming Counties

These photos are unidentified. In some cases an educated guess has been made about the subject's name. Please look at the photos. You may have the same photo with identification OR the people may look exactly like your relatives. If you think you know who any of these people are, please contact the submitter.

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1. These photos must be connected to the Lindsey/Linsey or Geise family ..as they were passed down in album form to my grandmother Minnie Linsey whose grandfather Joseph & father John D. Linsey/Lindsey lived in the Bennington, Attica, Batavia area of western NY state and Olean, NY at one point.
Shirley Toohey - s2ee@juno.com

1.Young couple       2.Young man       3.Three young boys        4.Identified - Margaret Stella Geise 1865-1904       5.Identified - William Quigley Jr. 1885-1906 s/o Wm. & Frances Linsey Quigley        6.Young Man
7.Another man in tie!        8.A Fireman       
9.Identified - 3 sisters, Anna Marie Mohr 1874-1954 never married Catherine "Kate" Mohr 1870-? m. Joseph Philip Geise Sr. Mary "Martha" Josephine Mohr 1880/83?-1960 m. Wm. Raymond Robbins 1878-1947
10.This young girl
is named, but Shirley doesn't know where in her family she fits!        11.Mother and Son???            12.A girl        13.Young Man        14.Young Girl        15.Man        16.Woman        17.Girl with Cross        18.Woman in Lace        19.Man        20.Girl in dark dress        21.Woman        22.Young Girl        23.Woman        24.Woman        25.Annie Weber??        26.Man        27.Young Lady
28.Man        29.Identitfied - John Joseph Mohr, 1866-1929        30.Young man        31.Man        32.Man        33.Woman        34.Man & Woman       

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2. This set of tin-types were found in the Heintz family photo album. Surname possibilites include: Heintz, Warner, Bliss, Norris and a host of other side lines!!
Sharon Palm - sharon1220@earthlink.net

1.Two Young Women        2.Two Young Women and a Young Man       

3.Young Couple        4.Two Young Men        5.Small Boy        6.A Group (Three men & Four Women)       7. A Man

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3. These photos are from Betty Josleyn Hill - bch@apex.net

1.Older Man        2.Seated Man        3.Man        4.Another Man

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4. These tintypes were found in an envelope among my mother-in-law's possessions after she passed away. The only information found on the envelope was "Grandma and Uncle Glen". Probably they are connected to the SPRING family of Le Roy, Warsaw and Attica NY. Contact: Leilani Spring - swleilani@yahoo.com

1.Woman, possibly Grandma? IDENTIFIED - Ella May (Winchester) Spring (1860-1946), dtr of Winfield C. & Margaret (Van Epps) Winchester and wife of Alfred F. Spring.        2.Man #1 IDENTIFIED - Glenn Spring (1888-1958))       

3.Man #2 IDENTIFIED - Clayton Spring (1885-1959)        4.Family Group

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5.This group of ladies was probably taken at the Johnson farm on the West Main Road in LeRoy. Somebody wrote 1915 on the back of the picture, but didn't identify anyone.
Neal Smith chloespop@frontiernet.net

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6. Douglas J Morgan - morgandj@netacc.net
I have a photograph of the
Castile graduating class from about 1910. The photo shows 7 girls and two boys in a formal setting.

If you can help me identify the graduating photo, please contact me and I will send you a jpg scan of the photo.

In addition I have baby photo of
Olivia Mae Redfield at age 1 year 6 days taken in 1905 also in Castile and a house in Castile. - IDENTIFIED - the SE corner of Main and Hurd...family named Flint lived there

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7. This is a group of girls about age 12, probably taken at a Batavia School grounds. The only identified one is my Aunt, Jeanette Wicks. If you can help contact: Betty Thomas - bettyt@lycos.com

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8. This is possibly a photo of
Alexander McEwen The photo has been dated to aprox. the time of the Civil War.

Contact Barb -

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9. This old woman in curls may be Eleanor McCormick or possibly Mary Milliken.
David at daha461@hotmail.com

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10. Jennett family??? The woman on the left is Olive Jennett Hoffman. The other three might also be members of the Jennett family.
Neal at chloespop@frontiernet.net

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These unidentified photos [1] [2] are from the scrapbook of Sarah Caroline HAWKINS, 1889-1969. She was born in Alexander, Genesee Co. NY, graduated from school in 1907, and married there in 1917 to Arthur Peter HAHN of Linden, Wyoming Co. NY.

The photos were glued to a piece of black paper. Under the standing solder is written "Pickles". There is script handwriting on the back of the black paper, seems to be a poem, "A Perfect Day", followed by a signature, Carrie JACOBS-BOND. Another poem has been glued to the front of the page along with the photos, looks like a clipping from a card or book."I wonder if you know, up there in heaven,..." Another clipping is entitled "Frivolous Definitions." by Harry A. Thompson, and 2 lines from a newspaper clipping. The page was loose in the scrapbook, not related to any other newspaper articles or notes that I could find. I'd be tickled pink if someone could identify them.

Kathy Helmer in Arkansas - kathle7297@aol.com

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1921 - 16 Tuna Street, Perry, NY. Lorena (Rena) BENSON Spencer, Claude Benson SPENCER, Grandmother ? COLE or Anna COOK? Anna Lorena SPENCER age 5 months. photo In 1900 census, Lorena and Frank SPENCER are in Olean, NY. They moved to Perry about 1905. 1920s livng at 16 Tuna St and then Lake Ave. Frank worked at the Robinson Cutlery Co. from about 1920 to 1928.
Marge Pacheco - wwwmarge@yahoo.com

These unidentified photos were found in my g-grandfather's photo album. His family descended from the Rev. Herman Jenkins a Freewill Baptist itinerant preacher from Bethany, NY. Herman was the son-in-law of Rev. Nathaniel Brown who established the first FWB church in Bethany, NY in 1809. Herman's wife was Clarrissa Brown who is buried in W. Bethany; his parents were Revolutionary War soldier Enoch Jenkins (wife Hannah Day), who are buried at Java cemetery. One of Herman's daughters married James Filkins of Alabama, NY; one of Herman's sons the Rev. Enoch Jenkins married Betsy Ball; another son Merrill T. (an attorney) of Bethany, and later Randolph, NY, married Sarah H. Rolfe. If anyone has any information on these photos or the families, my name is Pat Williams, my email: patwilliams@mybizz.net
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , 8

These photso are from the Bergen, Angelica, maybe Seneca Castle area. The family it pertains to are the Estey, Warner, King and Anderson Family.
Uncle Fred Estey's Wife
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8
photo 9
photo 10
photo 11
photo 12
photo 13
photo 14
photo 15
photo 16
photo 17
photo 18
photo 19
photo 20
photo 21
Contact Joni Anderson-Manuel - Airmanuel@Comcast.net

These photos are in a collection of family photos for McIntyre (McIntire). The family lived for a time near Batavia and many of them were taken there. Amos McIntyre m. to Nancy McIntire d. 13 May 1873 in Batavia, NY. Nancy d. 12 Mar 1823 in Batavia. Their first 3 children were born in Charlestown, MA. The next 2 probably in Batavia. Making their arrival there about 1819. He married 2nd Elanor Waller and had 6 more children. He married 3rd Sophia Abbot Brown. We are descended from his first born son Hiram Rich McIntyre and Mary Snyder probably of Batavia. Hiram moved his family to MI sometime during the 1850s but it appears that many of his siblings stayed in Batavia and that the family in later years went back for visits. We have no idea who the people in these pictures are only that most of them were taken in Batavia and are connected to the family. Any help identifing them or information on the family would be appreciate. Please email me at jeane@senseofthyme.com Thank you. Jeane Houston

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8
photo 9
photo 10

My Great Grandfather, Thomas McMann had seven children, all born in the York area. He and his wife Margaret are buried in Mt. Ash Cemetery, Covington, NY. Sam McMann, born 1850, was my grandfather and he went to Illinois about 1875, then to North Dakota and finally to Alberta Canada with all of his family, and this is where I was born and raised.
Margaret, born 1852 stayed in the York area and never married. She died in 1913 and is buried in Mt. Ash Cemetery.
John, born 1854, never married and went west with my Grandfather and also ended up in Alberta, Canada. Sarah, born 1857, married C.O. Pattridge and died in 1888 and is buried in Mt Ash Cemetery. I don't know if there were any children.
James, born 1861, stayed in New York and may have lived in Leicester. His wife’s name was Anna but I don’t know if there were any children.
Robert McMann, born 1863, married Mary Wright. There were three children. Ernest, born 1889, died as an infant. Ruth, born 1896, married Gilbert S. Wright and there were three children, Donald Gilbert, born 1917, Pauline Ruth, born 1919 and Roberta Mary, born 1928. Esther, born 1903, married Joseph Warren Brown, and there were two children, Joseph Warren Brown Jr., born 1925, and Marilyn Leora Brown, born 1930.
William, born 1866, wife’s name Clara, had three daughters I think, but I have no names. We have an
old postcard from him and his note says that the picture "is of the main street of Moscow" perhaps but the name of the town is not clear. He may have lived in Leicester too. In any event he marked the location of his house with an X.
If any descendants are still living in the area, or if their whereabouts in known, I would be interested in corresponding with them. I can be reached by email
gordonm@island.net   or at Gordon McMann, 292 McCarthy St, Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. V9W 2R5 
Image 29  could be a picture of James or Robert or William. At one time I
thought it was a picture of John, but I think that was wrong.

image28-3 could also be a picture of James, or Robert or William. At one
time I thought it could be Sam but, again, I think I was wrong.

image04b is a picture of Sam’s two sisters, Sarah and Margaret but I don’t
know which is which. A note with the pictures says “Grandpa’s sisters” and
nothing more.

These pictures came from tintypes of the 1865-1880 era.  Any help will be appreciated.

I found this photo in my fathers home
Baseball team...possibly from the Attica area
CONTACT: Meg at rsibb@sbcglobal.net

Family Group
My father found this in the crawl space of our house at 351 Rte. 20A. As far as we know, it does not belong to our family, either the Lathrop or McCulloch side. We(well, my parents and brother) moved in the house about 1964-5. It may belong to the family who lived there before we did.
Ron Barvian, the across-the-street-neighbor, suggests it looks like it was taken at St. Cecelia's.
Amy L. Lathrop, 1435 Electric Avenue, Lackawanna, NY 14218 - hbic3@juno.com

These are photos of a reunion of First New York Dragoons.
Contact: Christenson - schristenson@ec.rr.com
photo A
photo B

FAMILY PHOTOS: WOOSTER, CLARK, MASON, STRYKER - Java/Strykersville, NY area, 1880s
These photos are in an old photo album belonging to my great-grandfather, Jasper D. Wooster, who was born in Strykersville, NY to Joab Wooster and Laura Clark Wooster. Most of the photos were taken in the 1880s. The back of # 1says "Happy New Year 1883". This branch of the Wooster family has connections to the Clark, Mason and Stryker families and there are other photos in the album identified with these surnames, leading me to the presumption that the unidentified ones are from these families as well. I have a hunch that Daniel H. Wooster (1787-1880) may be within these photos and also Joab H. Wooster (1815-1893). I strongly suspect that Joab is the gentleman in either photo # 1 or # 2.
My life would be complete if I could point my finger at one of these and say "that's Joab!!" for I dearly love that man after getting to know him through these years of research. Thanks for your help.

Patricia Harrell - email: WSWRoots@msn.com

photo- 1 - photo- 2
photo -3 - photo- 4
photo- 5 - photo- 6
photo- 7 - photo- 8
photo- 9 - photo- 10 - identitfied - *Charles William Mason
photo- 11 - photo- 12
photo- 13 - photo- 14
photo- 15 - photo-16
photo- 17 [back of 16] - photo- 18 - Vesta

*Note on #10 - An interesting nostalgic note -- you might remember the penny gumball machines and the gumballs had the word
"Ford" stamped on them?? Well, the "Ford" stood for Ford Stryker Mason. The relatives I found yesterday are the daughter and
granddaughter of Ford Mason. They have in their possession, two original gumball machines (still working) made of copper rather
than the shiny chrome ones I remember. They also have two little rubber stamps of the word "Ford" that were the stamps
used on the gumballs! Interesting!
The photo of "mean" Charles William Mason was Ford's grandfather.

I found these among my grandmothers things - After taking the one out of the case it had written in there
"Mrs. Lena Griffith - Batavia" the other had no name. I assume they ment Batavia,NY. There is no Griffith in my ancestry
or anyone marring a Griffith about the time period of this photo (1860's -1870's). My grandfather had some photos
at one time from an auction of the Slocum family of Allegany Co.,NY. Most of my family is from Livingston
and Steuben County. I checked federal census, but could not find a Lena Griffith (or Griffin).
Figured I send it to you to post on the GenWeb page, by chance someone knows the family.

The unknown photo may or may not be connected to Lena, I found that in a seperate box. .
Contact: Andrew Burdett - andrew@ournorthernroots.com
photo A- Lena Griffith
photo B

These photos were found with other Sierk photos. Would love to know who the
individuals are.
Unknown Sierk 1 - Unknown Sierk 2
Sandra Christenson - schristenson@ec.rr.com

If you have unknown photos you would like to place on this page send them to

Betty Thomas -

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