2. George D. Wiedrich was born on 21 Aug 1852 in Bennington, Wyoming County, New York. He died on 8 Jul 1928 in Bergen, Genesee County, New York. He was a State Assembly Candidate in 1894: Ran a General Store in Bergen, New York. He resided Rode train into Rochester to work at Edwards after retirement.. He resided Lived in Elba, Genesee County, New York. He resided Moved to Bergen, 33 Lake Street. He was buried in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Elba, New York (W. of Rt. 98 on West Ave.). This is copied from "The history of Genesee County" by Stafford North, 1899. Thiis is from page 78 and 79 of the book. --JLW. Copied in a visit to the Historical Society in Batavia on 9-18-97.

Wiedrich, George D., is the recognized leader in general merchantile business in the town of Bergen, New York, a progressive man of advanced ideas. He was born in Wyoming County, New York, on August 21, 1853. Henry Wiedrich, father of George D. Wiedrich was bound out to a farmer, with whom he lived until he was seventeen, when, on account of ill treatment and no school advantages granted to him he left and began life for himself at farm work by the month; he never had the advantages of a school education until after he was twenty-one years of age, when he availed himselfof a few limited opportunities to attend school. George D. worked on his father's farm and attended the district school. When seventeen years of age he taught school for two years and then entered a general store in Elba as a clerk, where he remained for fifteen years, and while there he was assistant postmaster over thirteen years. In 1886, in partnership with E. T. Chamberlain, he purchased the stock and business of a general store in Oakfield; in 1890 they purchased the stock and business of S. J. Arnold of Bergen, retaining their store in Oakfield. In 1892 they severed their copartnership relations, Mr. Wiedrich taking the Bergen store, which he has conducted ever since. His many years of experience in the mercantile business has qualified him for a successful career in that line. He has the largest and best stocked general store in town, with a trade in proportion. Since his early manhood, Mr. Wiedrich manifested a keen interest in all public and political affairs, and when twenty-one years of age was elected to the office of town clerk of Elba, which he filled with credit for two years. He often represents his district in the Democratic county and assembly conventions, and in 1894 was honored by the nomination for the office of assemblyman. December 29, 1875 he married Mary E. Hofman; they had two children: Walter D. and Ernest H. Mrs. Wiedrich died February 24, 1893.

Joyce L. Wiedrich
63 Lochnavar Parkway
Pittsford, New York 14534

(716) 385-9958

He was married to Mary Elisabeth Hofmann on 29 Dec 1875 in Elba, New York, by Henry Hofmann, Justice. Mary Elisabeth Hofmann was born on 21 Sep 1856 in Wende, Town of Alden, Erie Co., N. Y.. She died on 24 Feb 1898 in Bergen, Genesee County, New York. She resided Elba, Oakfield, and lastly, Bergen, Genesee County, New York.. She was , Methodist Church of Elba.. From Batavia Newspaper Clipping, copied from Historical Society:

Bergen: February 24th, 1898--The sufferings of Mrs George D. Wiedrich, long and patiently borne, were ended this morning at 9 o'clock, death coming as a welcome messenger. Mrs. Wiedrich had been an invalid 7 1/2 years. She knew that she must die, but sustained by her Christian faith, she had no fear of death, and when the summons came it found her ready and waiting.

Mrs. Wiedrich was the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Hofmann of Elba. She was borne September 21, 1856 at Wende, in the town of Alden. December 29, 1875 she was married and began housekeeping in Elba, where she lived 11 years; removed to Oakfield, where she lived 4 years; thence to this village in April, 1890. Eighteen years ago she united with the Methodist-Protestant church of Elba, transferring her membership by letter successively to the Methodist-Episcopal Church of Oakfield, and the Methodist -Episcopal Church of Bergen. She always took an active part in church work, and was a power for good in all the churches with which she was connected. Mrs. Wiedrich was the mother of three children, twoof whom, Walter and Ernest, are living. Lula died in infancy at Elba. Beside her husband who is sustained in his great bereavement by his Christion faith and the sympathy of neighbors and friends, Mrs. Wiedrich is survived by her parents; six brothers, Henry, John, and Charles, of Elba, George, of Wende, William of Batavia, and Herman of this village, and one sister, Mrs. George Hardigen, of Elba.

The funeral will be held on Saturday at 9:30 o'clock in the Methodist-Episcopal church in this village and at 3 o'clock in the Baptist Church at Elba. The Rev. J. R. Adams willl conduct the services, assisted at Elba by the Rev. O. P. Wildey, pastor of the Methodist-Protestant Church. The burial will take place in the Elba Cemetery. The six brothers will act as bearers. George D. Wiedrich and Mary Elisabeth Hofmann had the following children:

child+12 i. Walter Dietrich Wiedrich.
child13 ii. Lulu E. Wiedrich was born on 23 Nov 1879 in Elba, Genesee County, New York. She died on 2 Sep 1880 in Elba, Genesee County, New York.
child+14 iii. Ernest Hofmann Wiedrich.

He was married to June "Grandma June" B. Carruthers on 28 Mar 1897 in by J.R. Adams. June "Grandma June" B. Carruthers was born on 5 Aug 1866 in Riga, New York. She died in 1950 in Bergen, Genesee County, New York.

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