Wyoming County Genealogies and Stories


Dutch Hollow Ancestors Surnames include: Bender, Deihl, Emerick, Gerhardt, Hallbauer, Heintz, Kilian, Kopp, Mapes, Merlau, Muth, Rothfuss, Schuessler, Stillinger, Smithley, Swyers (Schweyer), Yunker, Torge, Zittel and others

Heintz and Hammond Families in Wyoming and Genesee counties. Many allied families.

Descendants of James Henry Guckian/Hackett and Catherine Hanley

The Ward Family

The Bliss Family

The Sherman Family

Richard Covell a Revolutionary War veteran and ancestors/descendants who were early settlers of Alexander/Brookville in approximately 1832. Would be willing to share. Please contact me at this address boudreau@genevaonline.com if you are interested.

Isaac Smith and his descendants

Frank Cheney and descendants

The Reddish Family - John H. Reddish came to Wyoming County c. 1806 from Somerset County, Maryland. This site includes the Reddish family in New York, along with allied families, friends and neighbors.

The Wiedrich Family

Descendants of Seymour M. Sherman

Johnson and Royce lines contact Diana Ayers - ayersjohnson@earthlink.net

The Zehler Family

Reddish website with the added families of Ranney and Fargo and others from Wyoming county, NY.


1.Wesley Richard Bowen Harden

2.Where the New York settlers went when they tired of where they were at! ( a Lamb Family story)

3. "Bicentennial Bliss" - The story of ELEAZER BLISS

4. A Brief History of the Barber Family


1. Lamb

a blue 
mableized line

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